Shooting hoops

We have a new addiction in the family!
With the arrival of a full size basketball hoop and basketball, we are ready to welcome a new age of ball skills, throwing and catching activities and the introduction to future team sport (be it netball or basketball).
The construction of a flatpack basketball stand and hoop is stuff for another post, but needless to say it was hot, heavy and challenging in 30 degree heat!
Once standing, we soon realised that at the top of the driveway on a hill is not the most conducive to 6 and 8 year olds trying to shoot their first baskets up hill! It also highlights the need to teach how to throw a basketball for a youngster, a push throw/set shot is the most likely to make the distance. Once we lowered the hoop, the thrill of actually getting a basket could be shared more readily. The look on our youngest's face when she shot her first hoop was priceless.
Understanding that there are clear methods of throwing also helps, having a strong model makes things easier too.
Other than the banner advert, this link  is really useful when looking at how kids can learn to throw and play basketball.
So, whenever possible at the moment, we are out in the garden shooting hoops. When the kids go back to school we will look at basketball and netball and see which takes their fancy.
It will also be good when they get beyond the 'throw the ball and run' as they are no taware where it may come down. I guess in all sports, self preservation is also an important skill but will probably not lead to a future world champion in the making!!
This clip shows the basic shots in basketball and whilst missing the glory of the slamdunk, is pretty informative.
What do you think? Have you seen a better single video showing all of the different shots?