Blog for kids

Towards the end of last year, our eldest daughter began asking if she could have her own blog - since she sees both of us blogging a lot.  Euan wrote a post about our initial thoughts on this, and we had lots of great comments encouraging us to let her have a go!

Well, she has now set one up and started posting, about the cakes and sweet things she makes:

I have to say that it certainly seems like a fantastic thing for her to do!  I helped her set it up - but it took very little direction from me - she's very good with comupters already at age 8!  She designed and made her own header - see the picture above?  and has no problem writing her own posts - editing the photos and putting it all together!  I'm very impressed!

We waited until the long summer holidays to start this with her - so that it was established before back to school.  That done, school now starts again in just over a week, and we'll have to establish a bit more of a routine to bake cakes and post about them.

Not only are we getting some tasty cakes baked for us, which is helping her cooking skills, measuring the ingredients and following instructions.  She is also getting practice typing, composing texts and  editing her photos!

She loves the fact that she has her very own blog - just like mummy and daddy!

As to how her blog can grow and develop - I stumbled upon an interesting website the other day which may belp us:
It's called Kids learn to blog, and is full of articles and resources all about this topic.  I haven't had a chance to explore it yet - but certainly will as our daughter continues to blog, and our younger daughter has now started asking to set up her own blog too!! 

Do any of your kids blog?  Have they asked to?  What do you think about kids blogging?

And please do go and visit our daughter's blog, she's put a lot of effort into it, and loves getting comments!