Scary ages - men and women

Have you pondered your longevity?
I have always said that it would be great to be given your expiry date from the get go and then be able to live your life to it's fullest before knowing the inevitable has to happen. There are some definite positives (and negatives) in this- think about it!
I had never heard of scary ages and haven't even watched the Sex in the City movie (or series) which gave the phrase recent popularity but the topic is interesting.
When you are a kid, time is so slow, as a teenager you wish it would speed up and only live in the moment and then time flies in your late teens and 20s as there are never enough hours in the day. The it seems the world catches most of us up and whether we have kids, partners or work and mortgage or rent in our lives, we are caught and forced to think about the future. The endless time stops, we have to plan ahead, not all the dreams are readily attainable and reality sets in. Reality or mortality- interesting how they rhyme.
From a female perspective, look at a typical 23 year old-young, no?
A different slant can be taken if you imagine a fairly standard definition of what life may be like at 30 if you asked a young teenager (or older one, perhaps). Many would respond that by the ancient age of 30, they would have two kids (the traditional stereotypical 'one lovely daughter and an energetic son too') which would mean that marriage would be by 27, engaged by 26 and then needing to meet the correct or perfect partner by 24. Wow, where did the years go!!!
I can understand women discussing the fertility issue or watching the body clock. It certainly seems unfair that the first half of a female's life has worries regarding falling pregnant too early or earlier than personal freedom may dictate and the second half wishing they were pregnant and wanting kids! You can also fast forward from there and look at the paradox of singles enjoying life of holidays and ongoing experiences but no kids with the opposite of marriage, family and school fees. It is certainly true that the grass always looks greener on the other side.
From a male perspective it is only really the event of kids that forces a man to mature and accept responsibility. The teenage years and young adulthood has traditionally allowed huge scope for freedom and lack of boundaries both self imposed and societally for males. Moving from one conquest to another whether personal or business is often the norm. Settling with a single partner falls into place and then either becomes a norm or something to escape from. Assuming becoming a parent and sending the kids to school happens, it is then that the mortgage and family experience force you to think of longevity, caring for others unconditionally and even the idea of passing on a legacy all come in to play.
Wow, isn't life complex!?
Whilst consistency and caring is a key part of a successful partnership and provides the foundations to build a family on, it is always vital to continue living in the moment. Yes, we should all have plans and goals, both long and short term but if we lose sight of now, the journey that is life ceases to have the same meaning.
Carpe diem. Seize the day. This was one of my New Year themes and one which I think we can all benefit from revisiting.
What is you take on scary ages and also the male - female differences in experiencing them?