Overawed at Christmas

Wow, what an awesome Christmas.
We really have done it to excess in 2011, the pile of presents was unrivalled, probably far too big.
Every year we say 'not so much' and then you get sucked in to the Christmas spirit with just one more present, drink, chocolate etc. Roll on New Year's resolutions.

My thoughts turn to how the kids deal with the excess, through the year we are pretty frugal or very much so with the Scottish heritage could with an understanding from both parents that money doesn't grow on trees, we always think twice and buy once- except that is at Christmas.
The amount of extra chocolate and treats consumed by the girls is unreal, they don't normally ask or even see anything close to the piles of chocolate that are currently sitting in the fridge.
Wading through the 5 hours of present opening in Christmas day really brought it home.
Our eldest was overawed with the whole experience and needed quiet time to cope.
It is a common theme for her as when too much is going on, it seems to be a coping mechanism

Do your kids need to deal with Christmas or just enjoy the moment and rip everything open?
It'll be interesting to see how they adjust back to normality in the new year. Kids are, I am sure, the monsters that you make them.

Is there anyone else out there who has overawed kids and how do you deal with it and get back to normality at Christmas or any other time?  Let me know your thoughts...