2012 resolutions- father's view

Well it has come to that time again.

The end of the year and while Jill frantically tries to clean away both the excesses of Christmas 2011 and the dirt left of it, much of the world's thoughts turn to resolutions.

As far as possible, we, as a couple and family, try to see it, dream it and do it. Resolutions are not really things we make at just this time of year.
When a change needs made, it needs making!
There are always things that fall by the wayside (the endless quest for olympic level fitness would be one, the dream of a life of leisure in an instant is but another) but I think we are generally pretty good.

With this in mind, I still think it is worth taking some time to think about what can and could be done better for 2012.
Here is a short list with my feelings generally and from a dad's perspective, feel free to comment with more of your own!

1. I must stop saying that I am 'busy' when I am just lazy.
- The immediate moment and current fad or thought of the kids should take precedent over any tiredness from work or other lesser excuse. Time with the kids is precious and when time moves on the moment is lost. Carpe diem!!

2. I should say I love you more,
- the kids deserve the unconditional love they receive and their future emotional well being depends on their emotional stability and love from both parents. Fathers don't express their feelings enough.

3. We need to stop playing seriously sometimes and just remember to seriously play.
- Whilst there is a lesson in everything, sometimes just being silly and getting down and dirty in the dirt whilst playing a game is the best way to enjoy the experience of what it is to be a kid again, and they love it!

4. There should never be a time when we say stop talking or shut up
- whilst we have one of the biggest chatterboxes, this is a great way to explore language, try out ideas and keep communication channels open. We need to aspire for further dialogue now so that when the introspective teen years ensue, we are ready!!

5. We must make the effort to take more photos and videos of the kids. Especially now I have a new tablet there are no more excuses!!
- In the olden days when I was a kid, we had photos, albums and actually stopped to look at them and shared experiences over again. These days, when the camera is out, so often the photo is taken and then consigned to the hard drive and forgotten. We need to actively take more photos and look at the ones we have!!

As always, the secret is not a secret. We need to live in the present and seize every moment and opportunity.

Roll on what 2012 may bring!!